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DNS Filtering & Protection HoustonIn this day and age, it’s natural to take the security of an internet connection for granted. But that can be problematic. The majority of internet services provider (ISPs) have connections that are neither secure, nor safe. The ISP simply accepts every URL request, looks it up on the DNS server and makes the connection for the end user. They do not follow up to view where the request may be routed. Worse still, their DNS servers may not be secured either, meaning that all of their customers could lose internet connectivity if their server is attacked. There’s a better solution to ensure your company’s security and safety.

The WheelHouse Approach

As an innovator in cloud-based IT security services, WheelHouse Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer next-generation DNS-level protection. DNS Protection is highly-effective and is a straightforward way to secure networks, control internet usage, and prevent your users’ everyday browsing from becoming a major security risk.

  • Connectivity, reliability, and scalability
    Our DNS Protection offers resolver servers at multiple points of presence around the globe, with automatic load balancing and automatic failover. Regardless of the location where the request originates, it is handled instantaneously at the nearest datacenter, or the nearest global point of presence,  if there is an issue.

    These DNS resolver servers use the latest hardware and are fully hardened against DNS cache poisoning, DDoS, and other attacks that target DNS servers. Finally, they have massive processing capacity and headroom to handle internet requests; each cluster can process 30 billion requests per second. DNS Filtering from WheelHouse is a very secure and reliable way for businesses to ensure an always-on connection to the internet.

  • IPv4, IPv6, HTTP, and HTTPS traffic filtering
    A significant security benefit of routing your internet traffic through DNS Protection is that it instantly resolves requests, no matter if they are HTTP or HTTPS requests. Filtering covers all internet traffic for any network device making a connection request. Our DNS Protection solution is also the only DNS service that fully covers both IPv4 and IPv6, which now accounts for nearly 25% of internet traffic.
  • Universal filtering for WiFi and on- and off-network access
    DNS Protection can filter on- and off-network requests, as well as guest and visitor WiFi connection requests. Finely tuned access control policies are supported at the network, access point, group, and individual user access levels, as is filtering for roaming users.
  • Powered by world-class threat intelligence
    Our DNS Protection is updated every 5 minutes or less to ensure the most accurate web classification intelligence possible.
  • Machine Learning
    Our DNS Filtering solution has been using machine learning to classify and categorize URLs since 2007. Our advanced 6th-generation machine learning architecture processes web threat data sourced from a variety of vetted sources, as well as real-world customers. Our DNS Filtering platform scans the entire internet at least 3 times per day, continuously correlating and contextualizing global threat data in real and near-real time. Using this very timely, accurate, and reliable data, any internet request to a suspicious or malicious address can be blocked automatically and accurately.
  • Stops 88% of internet-borne malware
    As an example of the kind of access control and security DNS Protection provides, consider cryptojacking, a threat which has recently become very prevalent. With DNS Protection, users can still navigate to a website hijacked with cryptojacking scripts and consume their content, but the connection requests from the cryptojacking addresses are automatically rejected, thereby neutralizing the threat. More dangerous requests—including those to command and control servers, spam relays, botnets, phishing sites, and malware sites—are also automatically blocked. With DNS Protection, businesses and managed service providers (MSPs) who serve them can stop up to 88% of malicious inbound network traffic.

DNS Filtering & Protection at a Glance

  • Secure and reliable internet connectivity – Our worldwide network of hardened DNS resolver servers ensures availability.
  • No on-site hardware to install – This cloud-based network security layer takes just a few minutes to set up.IPv4, IPV6, HTTP, and HTTPS filtering – Advanced traffic filtering covers all devices and users requesting an internet connection.
  • 80 web categories – Our extensive web categorization options enable granular user access controls.
  • Roaming and mobile user protection – We offer an optional Our software agent for off-network/roaming users.
  • WiFi and guest network protection – DNS Protection secures all device types, including Windows®, Linux, Apple® and Android® devices, across guest, WiFi, and corporate LAN connections.Policy control by user, group, or IP address – We offer flexible deployment options and policy controls for any connection situation.
  • On-demand drill-down reporting – DNS Protection admins gain full visibility into their network and connections.

What Results to Expect

Our DNS Protection offers significant security, visibility, and access control benefits, including:

  • Full network visibility – With complete insight into the connection requests being made and by whom, admins can make better-informed access policy decisions.
  • Fewer infections – By reducing the number of requests to malicious and suspicious internet locations, you drastically reduce the number of infections and resulting cost of remediation.
  • Granular and enforceable access policies – Take control of productivity, employer’s duty of care, HR and compliance requirements, and more with advanced, customizable policy controls by individual, group, or IP address.

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